A Memorable Person

zach and rob

Caryn was going through some files this morning and discovered the following piece of buried treasure:

A Memorable Person

The most memorable person I know is my brother Zach. My brother is cool. Zach has brown hair, but he dyed the tip of it yellow. Zach likes dogs and warm weather like in Florida. He is good at basketball. He is not good at jumping, but I am. He likes music and I do too. He likes Hanson and blink-182. We both like pizza. He plays N64 and watches TV. He has a secret journal. Zach goes on the computer. He eats a lot, but he does not like cheese. Zach is taller than me. He is really funny! Sometimes he is annoying. I love Zach. Sometimes he is awesome like me!

He is so memorable because he makes me laugh. He says funny things. For example, he tells me jokes. Other times he is annoying. This happens when I am playing a game like Playstation 2. I love my brother anyway. He looks up to me.

By Robbie Carlat


Caryn also texted it to Zach and he called me to say the following:

“I remember when I dyed my hair, I was in the third grade so that would make us 9 and 10. And the strangest thing is that I’ve been listening to Hanson and blink-182 all weekend, and I’m also about to go out and play basketball. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that for your story.”

Then he texted me the following:

“Just posted it on Insta and Caitlin Judge messaged me and noticed, “I love how he calls you annoying twice.”

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