The Idiot


I keep saying how funny Rob was, so I thought I’d share a few examples. I don’t know if you’ll find any of these things as amusing as I do, and the reason for that will come at the end of this post.


I remember driving to court with Rob one morning (a story for another day) and noticing two vanity license plates on the road. The first one read HV FAITH.

“I wonder if that’s a sign,” I said.

“Probably just some Christians,” he said.

And then a few minutes later, we were stopped at a red light and the SUV in front of us had a plate that read RU STUPD.

“Now that’s definitely a sign,” he said.


A few years back, when Rob was crashing with Caryn, she needed help setting up a new printer. So he hooked it up, tested it out and then went to work. This is what Caryn found waiting for her at the printer:

I love my son Robbie he is the best and my favorite


Whenever I was texting with Rob, he’d usually end our exchange with the thumbs-up emoji—in black.

I’m not sure why, but it always cracked me up.

“Why did I find that so damn funny?” I asked Caryn a few days ago.

“Because it was the idiot’s idea,” she said.

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