The Last Detail


Last but not least came the Coroner’s Report. I gotta give them credit, this one is far and away the most comprehensive, at a hefty 13 pages. It even includes stock illustrations of a body with annotations indicating everything from Rob’s tattoos to the gunshot entry and exit wounds.

There really wasn’t very much new information in it, but the report did contain a few interesting tidbits, beginning with the fact that no drugs were detected, according to the laboratory analysis, just high levels of alcohol. They had Rob’s weight at 117 pounds, which, I’m not sure why, made me a little sad. The phrase “gunshot wound of the head” was written no less than five times in the first few pages.

The witness statements were similar to the ones in the Police Report, only in this report there was a phone number for the female friend who was in the apartment (more on that in a later post).

But it was the last detail that I still can’t get out of my head:

“Upon officers’ arrival on scene, the decedent’s cat was on top of the decedent licking his hands.”

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