Rob Was


I still have a lot of trouble saying the words “Rob was…” so I asked his best friend Sarah to help me out.

Rob was definitely impulsive at times, but I like to say he was spontaneous because spontaneity refers more to doing fun, wild things on the fly without a care in the world.

Rob was sarcastic, extremely sarcastic! Half the time I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not, and he had this dark sense of humor that not many people understood or found funny (like all of the dead baby jokes he would tell).

Rob was intelligent with a wealth of random knowledge. At any moment, Robbie could educate me on the most random things, and I’d always look at him wide-eyed and sideways like, WTF? How do you know this!?

Rob was passionate and protective–about everyone and everything he cared about. If someone looked at me or one of our friends the wrong way, you bet your ass Rob was ready to rumble! Rob always formed his own opinions on people. For instance, if people would talk shit about someone, that would intrigue Rob and made him interested in getting to know that person for himself. That’s pretty much how Rob and I became friends. Our group was mainly outcasts and misfits and Rob was the glue that held us all together. He never wanted someone to feel like the one who didn’t belong and he’d go out of his way to make someone feel welcome and wanted.
Rob was definitely self-destructive, but at the same time, I know he didn’t like how self-destructive he was. He’d get down on himself and feel ashamed because he knew at the end of the day what he was doing was only hurting himself.

Rob was the center of attention at all times and it wasn’t even on purpose. He just had this way of working the room. And he had SUCH a way with the ladies! He was so confident! I often times was jealous of his confidence because he could and would do anything without holding back. He’d go after any girl, not afraid of the possible rejection and it was crazy because it worked the majority of the time! He was such a ladies man.

Rob was really just so much fun. He would make a game out of everything–mainly drinking games–but still he always made sure we were having a good time. We would play the Watching Cops drinking game or Go to Oyster Bay Beach and Sit on the Dock drinking game. Sitting at the bar, he’d take the coasters and hollow out the middle and play ring toss on the bottles and if we made it, the other person would pay for the shot.

Rob was a genuinely good person and friend. He was always doing for others even if it was at the expense of his own feelings. He was the most genuine friend I will ever know.

Rob was selfless. He had so much sadness in him that he never wanted to see others feel the same way he was feeling.

Rob was me and I was him. We really completed each other and just knowing that we were always there for each other was incredibly special. I’d always say how much he drove me crazy, but no matter what, I couldn’t and wouldn’t trade it for anything. He knew that too. He honestly valued and loved us as much as he did because he knew how much he put us through and appreciated that no matter what, we stood by his side and loved him through it all.

Rob was Rob. There’s no better way to describe him.

One thought on “Rob Was

  1. Certainly in some ways he was his father’s son! Somehow it feels good to read about him, to hear that there was joy and friends and humor in his life. I wish I’d known him, other than in words. I’m thinking about him and you.


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